A Practical Guide to Cafes in Vienna - Part II

Cafe Demel: Now this is a seriously traditional cafe - producing sweets for the Emperor and others since the 18th century. The own myth, the great location and the high quality of tarts, cakes and pastries result in exorbitant prices, though.
Address: Kohlmarkt 14 (by Michaelerplatz Square).
Attractions nearby: Hofburg Palace, Kohlmarkt, Peterskirche, Minoritenkirche, Stephansdom Cathedral.

Cafe Schwarzenberg: Named after high-ranking Austro-Bohemian nobility that owns a palace nearby, the Café Schwarzenberg echoes the opulence of the Austrian Empire. Rich interiors and a classic array of pastries and coffee goodness.
Adress: Kärntner Ring 17 (opposite Palais Schwarzenberg Palace)
Attractions nearby: Palais Schwarzenberg, Museum for Applied Arts, Karlskirche, Belvedere Palace, Karlsplatz Square.

Cafe Prückel: Remarkable place with 1950ies style interiors and a great array of cakes, tarts and pastries. I am particularly fond of the Prückel because the interiors look like my grandparents′ living room, just bigger.
Address: Stubenring 24 (opposite Museum of Applied Arts)
Attractions nearby: Museum of Applied Arts, Postsparkasse, Jesuite Church and Old University district, Stadtpark, Postsparkasse, Former Ministry of War.

Cafe Ritter: Set off the centre, in the 6th district of Mariahilf. Traditional place with particularly grumpy waiters (that is good and important, a sign of quality). To be matched with a stay in the following attractions.
Address: Mariahilferstraße 73
Attractions nearby: Hofmobiliendepot, Naschmarkt Market, Haus des Meeres.

Cafe Dommayer: A traditional cafe nearby Vienna′s most crowded attraction (Schönbrunn), which itself is almost entirely free of tourists. Popular with the typical resident of the somewhat geriatric 13th district Hietzing: Retired high-ranking civil servants, retired diplomats, retired military officers. Used to be famous for its live waltz in the 19th century.
Address: Dommayergasse 1 (walking distance to subway station Hietzing)
Attractions nearby: Schönbrunn Palace, Schönbrunn Zoo, Hietzing Cemetery.

Cafe Westend: Finally, the Café Westend is a traditional cafe directly to the opposite of Westbahnhof station. The ideal place if you got time to kill whilst waiting for a train.
Address: Mariahilferstraße 128 (opposite Westbahnhof Station)
Attractions nearby: None that I could think of. Mariahilferstraße is a shopping lane starting (or ending) directly by the Café Westend.

Coffee Chains: If it is just about the caffeine and you don′t give a damn about where you get your coffee from, there are plenty of café chains in Austria. Recent years saw the rising of Starbucks. Slower than in other countries, but especially in Vienna you can find several in the city centre now.

The Italianesque chain Segafredo is significantly bigger in Austria and targets a similar clientele. Another one is "Caffe Milano", which is suspiciously similar to the British "Café Nero". Bakery chains such as Anker or Ring usually offer coffee at quite high quality and low prices.

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