Frequently Asked Questions

Can we advertise on this Website?

If your product is potentially of genuine use to my users (hotel, car rental service, tour organiser) and your approach to the business matches the philosophy of ("be nice"), I would certainly consider advertising it. Just drop me an e-mail!

Can I send you random questions?

Well…sure, but don′t expect too much of me. I am not working as a professional prospective-tourist-advisor and might have to refer you with specific questions to the official tourism authorities. It happens that I don′t know if there will be snow at Christmas in Salzburg (God is somewhat secretive recently) and I have no idea whatsoever who the sculptor was that made some piece of artwork you discovered in an Austrian backyard.

And if you have been treated rudely by a waiter, I can unfortunately do little about it - even if you send me a digital photograph of that guy (do not laugh, all these e-mails have seriously happened!). I also do not know if Mozart′s mother has had syphilis or not. I suggest to address challenging questions to the people at Austria′s National Tourism Website. They are much more knowledgeable than me.

Do you want to exchange links with me?

Probably not. I have a lot of experience in link exchanges from other web projects and know that it′s not worth it with most requests. If you promote a car rental service, online gambling something, an e-pharmacy or represent a friend who does a website in the wide field of "adult services", I am not interested in exchanging links with you.

I might exchange links with respected tourism websites, even if they "compete" with me. I want to exchange with useful websites that supplement and help my users. Don′t waste you time e-mailing me if your site is unrelated. Thanks!

Your website is rubbish - can I sue you?

I think - and hope - not. Firstly because I don′t have any money anyway. Secondly, because I don′t aim to provide complete or objective information; is a personal view on Austria and I cannot guarantee that the information you will find here is accurate. I work on it in my spare time and do my very best to include only reliable information, but I still might state things wrongly. Always double-check, doubt life and everything. And if you find a mistake, please let me know by e-mail so that others can benefit from your discovery!

Important: Note that this website contains a high dose of sarcasm. If you have experienced problems digesting sarcasm in the past, please refrain from consuming the contents of this website.