tomb of johannes brahms: Cemeteries of Vienna

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This artificial rose rests on the tomb of the composer Johannes Brahms, buried on the Zentralfriedhof, the central cemetery of Vienna

An artificial rose that was placed at the tomb of Johannes Brahns, composer of the Romantic period. Brahms was born in Hamburg, Germany, but spent most of his creative life at the Imperial Court in Vienna. He is buried in an honour tomb ("Ehrengrab") on the Central Cemetery or Zentralfriedhof.

His neighbours share his professions: Franz Schubert, Ludwig van Beethoven and the entire Strauss clan. The tombs of Vienna's most famous composers (except for Haydn, who is mostly buried in Eisenstadt, and Mozart, who was dumped in a mass grave in nearby St. Marx) are all in the same area and real tourist attractions.