Day-Trips from Salzburg - Part I

Mount Schafberg in the Salzkammergut: Within easy reach from Salzburg and top-notch

If you have read my recommendations for an Austria itinerary, you′ve probably stumbled upon my advice to focus on Vienna and Salzburg if you have only a week to spend. From there, you can do day-trips to get a fairly wide impression of the country and its diverse features.

Supplementing my list of day-trips into the surroundings of Vienna, you will find an equivalent for Salzburg in the following paragraphs. Note that essentially all of the below destinations are within reach by public means of transport without much hassle. Transportation is limited on Sundays, though, and thus I suggest sticking with weekdays or Saturdays.

Day-trips into the Salzkammergut

Of all the areas that are within reach for day-trips from Salzburg, the Salzkammergut is by far the most popular: The mountains, lakes and pretty towns of the area ensure a constant stream of visitors. If you don′t have the time to stay for extensive sightseeing, hiking or skiing, a day-trip is the least thing you should dedicate to this part of Austria.

1.) Mondsee: Sort of the gate to the Salzkammergut from Salzburg - and due to the motorway, a target you can get to by bus within half an hour. The pretty town in a stunningly scenic setting by Lake Mondsee featured in "The Sound of Music"; therefore, there are plenty of tours organised by bus companies in Salzburg. Feasible for half a day, too.

2.) Salzkammergut in general: Rent a car in Salzburg and check out Mondsee, the Attersee area, St. Gilgen and St. Wolfgang. Feasible in a (busy) day, which you could end with the perfect swim in Lake Fuschlsee (Salzburg′s freshwater reservoir) on your way back.

3.) Hallstatt: A bit tricky to get to, but certainly among the top-attractions of the Salzkammergut or the entire area. Essentially a must-see site for every respectable visitor of Austria.

Day-trips to Upper Austria

1.) Innviertel: Interested in the Bavarian-style towns of the Innviertel? Rent a car to get to places like Braunau, Obernberg, Schärding and Ried for a truly "off-the-beaten-track" experience. The only tourists you will encounter will be (very few) Germans and the odd Austrian. Note the village called Fucking near Braunau.

2.) Monasteries of Upper Austria: There are several impressive Baroque monasteries in Upper Austria, but two are within fairly easy reach by public means of transport and particularly spectacular: Kremsmünster and St Florian near Linz. Do one a day by bus or both on a singly day if you travel by your own mean of transport.

3.) Linz: Upper Austria′s capital is not the most impressive city of Austria, but not a bad place at all. Most international visitors are attracted by the ArsElectronica, a fancy museum of international fame, where art meets IT. Very easy to get there from Salzburg by train.

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