List of Austria's Highest Mountains

The Arlberg area doesn't contain the highest mountains of Austria, but the most ski-able ones

There are many mountains in Austria, most of them belong to the Alps and I am sure you know this already. You might have even heard of the highest one, Mount Großglockner. It is famous for the road (Großglockner Hochalpenstraße) leading near its peak and the scenic glacier that supplements it.

A peak in the Salzkammergut

Most other really high mountains in Austria are a lot less famous. If you are keen on hiking or skiing, the local tourism board of a certain region will have the information you need for deciding where to go. The following list is not very useful for such a purpose - for suggestions on good hiking areas, you might rather read my articles on "Hiking in Austria" or the main article on "Skiing in Austria".

The following list gives a good overview of the big players on the roof of the nation. It also echoes the "alpine" flavour of each province, with Tyrol clearly taking the mountainous lead.

Rank Name Height (metres) Province
1 Großglockner 3798 Salzburg
2 Wildspitze (North) 3774 Tyrol
3A Kleinglockner 3770 Tyrol
3B Wildspitze (South) 3770 Tyrol
5 Weißkugel 3738 Tyrol
6 Großvenediger 3662 Salzburg
7 Hinterer Brochkogel 3628 Tyrol
8 Hintere Schwärze 3624 Tyrol
9 Similaun 3607 Tyrol
10 Großes Wiesbachhorn 3564 Salzburg
11 Rainerhorn 3560 Tyrol
12 Großer Ramolkogel 3550 Tyrol
13 Schalfkogel 3537 Tyrol
14 Hochvernagtspitze 3526 Tyrol
15 Fineilspitze 3514 Tyrol
16 Hochfeiler 3510 Tyrol
17 Zuckerhütl 3507 Tyrol
18 Olperer 3476 Tyrol
19 Piz Buin 3312 Vorarlberg
20 Habicht 3277 Tyrol
21 Hoher Sonnblick 3105 Salzburg / Carinthia
22 Parseierspitze 3036 Tyrol
23 Hoher Dachstein 2995 Upper Austria / Styria
24 Schesaplana 2965 Vorarlberg
25 Großer Turm 2830 Vorarlberg
26 Drusenfluh 2827 Vorarlberg
27 Sulzfluh 2817 Vorarlberg
28 Zimba 2643 Vorarlberg
29 Schneeberg 2076 Lower Austria


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