Properly Rural - Even by Burgenland Standards

Jennersdorf is a community in the Burgenland, the eastern-most province of Austria. It has approximately 4,000 residents and is a county town (Bezirkshauptstadt), which makes it the administrative, educational and economic powerhouse of the area. That being said, it′s not too much of a metropolis, as the southern Burgenland is very rural and not very densely populated. Most international (or domestic) visitors will come to Jennerdorf because it is close to the Steirisches Thermenland (Styrian Spa Region) and especially the thermal spa of Loipersdorf.

The name of Jennersdorf can be tracked back to 1187, when a Papal document referred to it as "Janafalu". For reasons I can quite follow, this is said to be derived from "Zentavci", the Slovenian word for "village of the women". According to one theory, the Slovene "Z" had no equivalent in Hungarian back then and was translated into "gy" and instead of "-vci" (village), the Hungarians used "-falu". That′s how the settlement got its name. In Slovenian, the name Zenavci is still used for Jennersdorf.

This linguistic background information might well be the most exciting thing you will ever hear when dealing with Jennerdorf. The history of Jennerdorf was eventful, with all sorts of exciting armies murdering, raping and plundering their way through Austria′s Wild East from 950 to 1945. However, there is little exceptional about this with respect to Jennersdorf, as it shared its fate with many other Burgenland villages.

History of Jennersdorf in the Burgenland & Attractions

All of the Burgenland - thus also Jennersdorf - was part of Hungary until 1921 and since the late 19th century, subject to a very fierce policy of "Magyarisation" (making the people more Hungarian, for example, by forcing their German-speaking children into Hungarian schools). With the Burgenland′s cession from the freshly independent Hungary, Jennerdorf became county town right away in 1921. In 1977, Jennersdorf was elevated to the rank of a city. The motto of the town is "Jennerdorf, eine Stadt, eine Familie" - meaning: Jennerdorf, one city, one family. Whilst this might be an understatement, the population of Jennerdorf is indeed manageable.

Sightseeing opportunities and attractions are similarly rare. Note the Baroque parish church that was built between 1780 and 1800. It contains a neo-Gothic altar that is totally out of place and originates from 1904. One sight that I would find cool (never been there, though), is the "Norisch-Panonnische Hügelgräber" - a hike to 2000 year old Illyrian graves. In summer, the town has a opera and concert festival. Note also the nearby castles and palaces of the "Schlösserstraße". Jennerdorf is connected to the World via a train link that offers fairly good access to Graz and Eastern Styria.

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