Travel Guide for Vienna & Austrian Culture:

Welcome to, a personal travel guide for Austria with a focus on Vienna. This page was translated by an automatic translation program, therefore you might find some funny mistakes. Most of the other content on this website is English. Here you will find an overview on the topics that are covered by this travel guide.

The special thing about this guide is that it was written by a local: I am Austrian myself, originally from Salzburg. I am living in Vienna now, where I work as a journalist. The goal of my travel guide is to provide personal, subjective information on Austria and particularly on Vienna. This way, you can learn how a local experiences this country. Tourists often see only the distorted image of a picture-perfect Austria; if you are looking for a balanced view, this website might be perfect for you. It is divided into six categories.

1.) Background: Information on culture, history and contemporary life in Austria. Includes practical advice for planning a vacation.

2.) Sightseeing: Information on sightseeing attractions in the individual provinces of Austria. This section has a strong focus on Vienna, the capital.

3.) Tours and Trips: Suggested itineraries and articles on certain areas in Austria. Information for people who want to travel with a theme.

4.) Photos: Galleries with photos from Austria. This category contains a large collection of photos from Vienna.

5.) Dining and Cuisine: Information on Austrian cuisine, restaurants and cookery. Includes traditional recipes.

6.) Activities: Information on skiing in Austria, hiking, music festivals and other things to do.

I hope you find my travel guide useful and wish you a great stay in Austria! If you do not speak English at all, you might want to try the translation tool that I used for this page. Click here: