Landeck, the Paznaun & the Oberinntal

The Paznaun is among Austia's most popular skiing destinations

Approximately half way between the town and Imst and the skiing-heavens of St Anton and Ischgl, Tyrol-tourists can find the town of Landeck. For most of them it serves either as a stop-over destination or as a base to explore the nearby mountains on both sides of the Inn River. Therefore, the tourism infrastructure with accommodation and transportation is well-developed, but Landeck itself has few attractions to offer.

The parish church of St. Oswald is worth a glance - the late-Gothic building was erected under Oswald von Schrofenstein, once the local landlord and noble dude. The altar dates back to the time of the church′s construction, 1513, and is named after the founder: Schrofensteinaltar. Try to say that when you are drunk.

Minimalist Sightseeing in Landeck

Another attraction would be the Schloss Landeck Castle nearby, although neither the building nor the interiors are overly spectacular. The castle dates back to the 13th century and is now home to the local town museum. Here you can learn the usual things: Local traditions, local history, local heroes. The latter ones are covered by Jakob Prandtauer, the architect of the monastery of Melk in Lower Austria.

Otherwise, tourists will usually go to the area south-west of Landeck in the quest for alpine hiking delights. Alongside with the Paznaun (mostly famous for the skiing-centre of Ischgl) and the River Trisanna, the so-called Oberinntal ("Upper Inn Valley") offers some of Tyrol′s most attractive destinations for mountaineers.

A long line of villages can be found along the valley, starting with Prutz, Ladis and Fiss; later Serfaus, Pfunds, Samnaun and Nauders. The appeal of these villages vary greatly - they have all started as pretty little mountain places, but with the rise of skiing in Tyrol, many have turned into little more than clusters of modern hotels. Needless to say, this doesn't really make them interesting for sightseeing.

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