Oberpullendorf, Burgenland:
Getting serious about "Off-the-Beaten-Track"

Oberpullendorf is a town in the central Burgenland province in the Far East of Austria. Despite of its rather manageable population of approximately 3,000 people, Oberpullendorf is a county town (Bezirkshauptstadt). This means, that it plays a significant role as an educational, administrative and economic hub in the central Burgenland.

Oberpullendorf has a fairly mixed population: 67 percent are German-speaking, 22 percent belong to the Hungarian minority of Austrians; and another 6 percent are members of the Croatian minority of Austrians. All three are joint by a very small number of Austrian Roma, another officially recognised minority.

In terms of sightseeing attractions, Oberpullendorf has very little to offer. Note the former fortress of the Rohonczy family. Today, you can find an educational seminar centre called "Haus St. Stefan" at the former fortress. It is maintained by the diocese of Eisenstadt. Speaking of religious sights: Note the parish church of Oberpullendorf, the Franziskuskirche. It was built in 1707, which makes it the oldest building of the town. The church was renovated in 2004.

Attractions of Oberpullendorf

Something like a town museum is the "Schauraum", a mini-exhibition giving visitors and overview on the history of Oberpullendorf from ancient to modern times. A great bridge to saying a few words on the history of the area, which has been populated since Neolithic times. The surroundings of modern Oberpullendorf prospered under Celtic rule, which Noric iron from modern Austria was highly popular in all of Europe due to its high quality.

This did not change when "Noricum" lost its independence and became part of the Imperium Romanum. In the Middle Ages, Oberpullendorf was probably founded as a post for guarding the area against the Hungarians in the late 10th century. The oldest written record of Oberpullendorf dates back to 1225. Like all of the Burgenland, it was part of Hungary until 1921. In 1853, it became home to the regional tax office. Oberpullendorf and its surroundings were almost completely agricultural until well after WWII.

In 1975, the community was elevated to the rank of a city. Today, Oberpullendorf is a prospering market town and a good base for exploring the "Schlösserstraße" or the thermal spas. Beyond that, enjoy the rural tranquillity of the area - there should be plenty of opportunities to get drunk from the local wine. The region around Oberpullendorf is best known for its Blaufränkischer. Combine a hike through the vineyards with a wine tasting in one of the many local farms.

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