Presidents & Chancellors of Austria

The history of Austria in the 20th century is full of political change, revolutions, Anschluss and confusion. Yet to follow a logical "string", I always find it useful to keep a look on the rulers of a country.

The Neue Burg in Vienna, where the President of Austria resides.

In the case of Austria, we refer to the two "Republics of Austria" (the first from 1918 to the Anschluss to Nazi-Germany in 1938; the second from 1945 to the present). Here "ruler" means primarily the president, who is the head of Austria and commander of the army; and the chancellor, who is the head of the government.

Both reside in Vienna; the president in the Neue Burg of the Hofburg Palace, the chancellor next doors in the Ballhaus to the opposite of the Minoritenkirche.

Presidents of Austria

The president is the head of state and has many important functions to control the work of the government. In daily life, however, the president′s work is mostly representative. For details, please see "Politics of Austria".

The First Austrian Republic (1918-1938)

Michael Hainisch: 1920-1928
Wilhelm Miklas: 1928-1938

The Second Austrian Republic (1945-Present)

Karl Renner: 1945-1950
Theodor Körner: 1951-1957
Adolf Schärf: 1957-1965
Franz Jonas: 1965-1974
Rudolf Kirchschläger: 1974-1986
Kurt Waldheim: 1986-1992
Thomas Klestil: 1992-2003
Heinz Fischer: since 2003

Federal Chancellors of Austria

The chancellor chairs the government and is the "person in charge" with running the country. Usually, the biggest party in the parliament nominates the chancellor. For details, please see "Politics of Austria".

The First Austrian Republic (1918-1938)

Karl Renner: 1918-1920
Michael Mayr: 1920-1921
Johann Schober: 1921-1922
Walter Breisky: 1922
Johann Schober: 1922
Ignaz Seipel: 1922-1924
Rudolf Ramek: 1924-1926
Ignaz Seipel: 1926-1929
Ernst Streeruwitz: 1929
Johann Schober: 1929-1930
Carl Vaugoin: 1930
Otto Ender: 1930-1931
Karl Buresch: 1931-1932
Engelbert Dollfuß: 1932-1934 (Austro-Fascist)
Kurt Schuschnigg: 1934-1938 (Austro-Fascist)
Arthur Seyß-Inquart: 1938 (Nazi, not inaugurated)

The Second Austrian Republic (1945-Present)

Leopold Figl: 1945-1953
Julius Raab: 1953-1961
Alfons Gorbach: 1961-1964
Josef Klaus: 1964-1970
Bruno Kreisky: 1970-1983
Fred Sinowatz: 1983-1986
Franz Vranitzky: 1986-1997
Victor Klima: 1997-2000
Wolfgang Schüssel: 2000 - 2007
Alfred Gusenbauer: 2007-2008
Werner Faymann: Since 2008


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