My Favourite Small Towns in Austria - Part II

17.) Freistadt: A walled town that once secured Austria against Bohemia and was forgotten when Bohemia became property of the Habsburgs. Fortunate for today′s tourists: Loads of historic buildings are preserved and wait to be explored.

18.) Enns: A historic tower, town walls, Roman ruins and Baroque courts - what else can you expect from a town in Austria? Right, a former concentration camp! Mauthausen is within reach.

19.) Baden: In the late 18th and early 19th century, Baden was a fashionable spa town popular with Vienna′s aristocracy. Today, Baden still has a spa, but also a famous casino.

20.) Hardegg: Has a medieval fortress and other sights to offer, scenic surroundings, offers good access to Geras abbey and the village of Drosendorf.

21.) Carnuntum: In Roman times, Carnuntum was the most important city in today′s Austria. Its population exceeded the current one by far. Today, the archaeological park has lots of interesting sights to offer - the local wine is an attraction by its own rights.

22.) Krems: One of the most attractive - and most touristy - towns in the Wachau makes an easy day-trip from Vienna. Wine, medieval houses and the scenery of the Danube valley.

23.) Tulln: A historic town in the vicinity of Vienna with sightseeing attractions that span from Roman times to the 20th century.

24.) Rust: Not rusty at all, I think Rust is the prettiest town in the Burgenland - a historic core, lots of nesting storks and excellent wines.

25.) Judenburg: Benefitted once from the iron ore trade that kept Styria going, today it still is the most important town (or village) in the region.

26.) Leoben: Iron ore mining nourished the development of this city and still does: A tiny university of mining (a mix of technology and earth sciences) and the historic town centre dominate the spirit of Leoben. Don′t miss the former Nunnery of Göss nearby.

27.) Leibnitz: Southern Styria belongs to Austria′s most soothing places, with a predominantly rural culture. Leibnitz is the best base for exploring it.

28.) Bad Radkersburg: The walled outpost of Styria towards the former wilderness of the East - fortified against Magyars, Turks and other invaders. Today a scenic, historic place with good food, even better wine and friendly people.

29.) Ehrenhausen: A very small and rural place in the heart of the Styrian Hügelland ("hill district").

30.) Lienz: A good place for planning hiking trips. Beyond that, there are several sights worth a visit, including the parish church with some of artist Albin Egger-Lienz′ most important works.

31.) Spittal: A scenic town with a remarkable Renaissance castle, great vistas and good access to the local mountains.

32.) Friesach: Carinthia′s most important medieval town commemorates this fact with an annual festival. However, the old town is worth a visit all year round.

33.) Retz: The wine-capital of Lower Austria is remote, but full of attractive spots and great places to taste the local produce.

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