Vienna Photos: Ankeruhr Clock in Central Vienna

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Ankeruhr, a well-known Art Nouveau Clock in Vienna

The Ankeruhr is a clock in Jugendstil or Art Nouveau and can be found on "Hoher Markt", a square in central Vienna. It is situated in walking distance from the Stephansdom. The Ankeruhr was built between 1911 and 1917, which is rather late for a Jugendstil something of significance - it was finished in the midst of WWI.

The artist in charge was Franz Matsch; today, the Ankeruhr is a popular tourist attraction, since the mechanic clock displays famous historical figures from Austria′s past, passing the clock - one every full hour. They range from artists like Joseph Haydn to famous generals such as Prince Eugene of Savoy. At 12 o′clock noon, all 12 figures do their little dance, to the delight of a usually quite impressed crowd of tourists gathering in front of the clock. If you make it there, note the Vermählungsbrunnen in the centre of Hoher Markt.

From the Hoher Markt square, the main synagogue is not far, nor are the Rotenturmgasse, the Kornhäuslturm, the Zacherlhaus, Neidhard Frescos or the Bohemian Chancellery. All these things are mostly interesting to visitors with specialist interests (mostly in architecture); however, a walk in the neighbourhood can be generally rewarding, especially the area west of the Hoher Markt is interesting.