Vienna Photos: View on Vienna from Leopoldsberg

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View from Mount Leopoldsberg on Vienna: The Donauinsel

On the picture above you can see the view on Vienna from the Kahlenberg and Leopoldsberg area. These two hills can be found north of the city and are easily accessible using public means of transport. From both hilltops, you can start hikes and walks into the vineyards in Vienna′s surroundings - or you hop back on a bus and return to the city. On the left part of the photo you see the "transdanubian" parts of Vienna, the unappealing districts of Floridsdorf and Donaustadt.

Both are mostly suburban and lack significant tourist attractions; in Donaustadt, you can at least see the Donauturm tower (the needle-like thing on the left) and the office towers of the UNO City and its surroundings. Donaustadt also has access to the Alte Donau and the famous Gänsehäufel, a lido. In the Donau, you can spot the Donauinsel in the picture.

This is an artificial island that was built in the early 1980ies and has become an important recreational area. It is here that the Donauinselfest (a music festival) is held every year in early summer. On the right shore of the Danube, you can see the Millennium Tower, an office tower. The city centre with the first district and most tourist attractions would be right of the picture.