Vienna Photos: Karmeliterkirche Church

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Piazza in front of the Carmelite Church, Vienna

The Karmeliterkirche or Carmelite Church of Vienna can be found at what used to be the centre of Vienna′s Jewish ghetto. The original Carmelite Church was destroyed by the Ottoman troops in the course of the Second Siege of Vienna; in fact, the church was a rather battered one even before and after the siege. For details, please read the main article on it.

Today, the Carmelites have left for a safer haven within Vienna and the Karmeliterkirche has become a parish church. In recent years, many Jews from Eastern Europe have moved to Vienna and re-populated the former ghetto/Jewish quarter. Once again the area has gained several Kosher shops and restaurants as well as other Jewish facilities.

In addition to Orthodox Jewish residents, the second district in general and the area around the Carmelite Church in particular has become popular with students and bobos (Bohemian bourgeoisie, essentially yuppies that understate). This gave rise to a funny mix and a colourful combination of people; to me, the Karmelitermarkt neighbourhood is the nicest in the very diverse second district of Vienna. This district has very shabby and bad areas, but also very exclusive ones in the south. Getting to the Karmeliterkirche is easy: Just cross the Donaukanal at the Uniqa tower and follow the gradient of kids with flat hats on the back of their heads.