Vienna Photos: Museum of Modern Art (MUMOK), Vienna

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The MUMOK or Museum für Moderne Kunst in the MuseumsQuartier

The MUMOK (Museum für Moderne Kunst) is one of several museums in the relatively new MuseumsQuartier, the museum district of Vienna. Its name means "museum for modern art", even though it is actually a museum for post-modern art; a nice demonstration how in German-speaking countries, the division is not made in the same manner as in English-speaking ones. From the outside, the MUMOK seems to be a grey and somewhat uninviting building.

The fašade was made of basalt stone, a grey material of volcanic origin. It looks a lot like concrete, but it is a lot more expensive - hooray tax-payers! There are very few windows in the fašade of the MUMOK; nevertheless, the interiors are as light and friendly as all art galleries (or at least as all art galleries should be). This is partly due to light coming in through the central glass roof, partly due to electric lights.

Individual galleries are arranged in a way that should resemble mines in a mountain - matching with the material of the fašade and perfect for Austria, a country with a pronounced mining tradition. Permanent exhibitions comprise mostly of donations by the Ludwig Foundation; temporary exhibitions are usually of high quality and among the best ones in Vienna.