Vienna Photos: Naschmarkt (fresh Food Market)

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The Naschmarkt is Vienna's biggest market for fresh food

The Naschmarkt is the biggest of Vienna′s farm food markets. Fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices - you name it, the Naschmarkt got it. The market area spreads from the Secession to the subway stop of Kettenbrückengasse; on Saturdays, a jumble sale or flea market (Flohmarkt) extends the market even further.

The Naschmarkt is more than a source of food for Vienna: It is popular for relaxed lunches used for business negotiations or meeting friends. There are several sights by the side of the market, which justify a walk; most importantly, the Theater an der Wien (one of Vienna′s four opera houses) and the two Wienzeilenhäuser by the architect Otto Wagner. He was Vienna′s most prominent architect of the Jugendstil or Art Nouveau period, you will see a picture of one Wienzeilenhaus later in this gallery.

The surroundings of the Naschmarkt used to be pretty bad - drug traffic and shabby houses were common until the late 1990ies. Today, this has changed completely; the area has a reputation for small boutiques with Bohemian but exclusive clothing, fancy restaurants and interior design stores. Rents have gone through the roof in the past 15 years and especially Northern Margareten is now among the trendiest areas of Vienna. If you tour Vienna and get exhausted - the Naschmarkt is the perfect place for a falafel, a coffee and a few minutes of rest.