Austria: Travel Guide & Sightseeing Information

Welcome to! This website was set up to supplement the many tourist information sites that you have probably found already: Established travel guides, hotel chains and local tourism councils spam prospective visitors of Austria with tons of information on how great the place is and why you should spend your money there.

The Imperial Palace of Schönbrunn in Vienna has a different approach. It was set up by an Austrian in an attempt to provide information of two kinds: Of the general travel information, telling you about the history, local traditions and different aspects of today′s life in Austria, as well as direct sightseeing information on Austria′s many attractions, from Tyrol in the West to Vienna in the East. This is done similarly to the way conventional guide books would do it.

The "other" aspect of this website makes it distinct: It offers first-hand, local advice from a real person - including fair criticism and a dash of irony. Many articles you will find here are subjective and don′t even pretend to be neutral (unlike the material presented by the tourism mafia). You can evaluate how much they match your own interests by comparing them to information from other websites or guidebooks. The aim of is to make visitors of Austria critical, to highlight original things about the country and go beyond the tackiness of the conventional image.

How to use

The website is structured into different areas of interest similar to a conventional travel guide: learn about history, politics, travel practicalities and personal impressions of Austria in the "background" section. General "sightseeing information" can be found in the section with the same name, structured according to the nine federal provinces of Austria (plus the Salzkammergut as a separate area). Tours, daytrips and suggested itineraries are listed in another section, here you will find things like "what to see in Austria within two weeks" and alike. This section also suggests "themes" for specialist travel.

The Roman Arch in Carnuntum, Lowe Austria, proves the longstanding history of Austria

The "photo gallery" shows a few highlights of Austrian sightseeing attractions. "Dining and Cuisine" gives the theory and background of the "Wiener Küche" and the regional Austrian cuisine, but also lists recipes and dining guides. What to do is finally listed in the section of "activities", ranging from festivals and Vienna waltz to skiing, spas and other fun things. A special focus lies on sightseeing in Vienna.

Please be assured that this is a very living website! I am really working on it constantly, and you can come back and check on that. The site is done with very honest intentions, mostly because I was fed up with the picture-perfect image that others draw of my country. Current information can be obtained from the "TourMyCountry Blog".  Enjoy your stay in Austria!

And please note my new little playground, an open-source robot!