The 23 Districts (Bezirke) of Vienna

The "Wiener Bezirke" & How They are Arranged

The districts of Vienna spiral out from the city centre in a semi-logical manner
1st District - Innere Stadt 13th District - Hietzing
2nd District - Leopoldstadt 14th District - Penzing
3rd District - Landstraße 15th District - Fünfhaus
4th District - Wieden 16th District - Ottakring
5th District - Margareten 17th District - Hernals
6th District - Mariahilf 18th District: Währing
7th District - Neubau 19th District: Döbling
8th District - Josefstadt 20th District: Brigittenau
9th District - Alsergrund 21st District: Floridsdorf
10th District - Favoriten 22nd District: Donaustadt
11th District - Simmering 23rd District: Liesing
12th District - Meidling  

Districts: Finding Your Way Round in Vienna

Vienna has a population of approximately 1.6 millions. Until the mid-19th century, only the parts within the city walls were considered to belong to Vienna. Later, the surroundings "suburbs" were incorporated. The city is divided by the Danube and the old branch, the Donaukanal.

Today, Vienna consists of 23 districts or Bezirke. The way they are arranged can be a bit confusing: In theory, they spiral out from the city centre (1st district) in a clockwise manner. However, there are gaps and jumps at various points (see the map below). The most central district is the first, which is surrounded by the Ringstraße.

The surrounding districts are the second to the ninth, the former "Vorstädte" or suburbs. Most of these are surrounded by another circular street, the Gürtel. The Gürtel does not only serve as Vienna's red-light district, it is also an important road and landmark. Beyond the Gürtel, there is the second ring of districts, the former "Vororte" (sub-suburbs), roughly matching with districts 10 to 19. The numbers of houses along a street always start at the more central end (closer to the first district).

It is easy to tell the district of an address by its zip code: They always start with a 1 for Vienna, followed by the two digits for the district and finally a number for a mailing sub-division (usually zero). For example: 1010 is the first district; 1130 is the 13th district or Hiezing. By the way, Vienna is not only the capital of Austria and a city, but also a province - the mayor is at the same time governour.

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Sightseeing Guides to Vienna's Districts

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