pheasant on zentralfriedhof: Cemeteries of Vienna

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A pheasant flying away on the Zentralfriedhof: Wildlife among death.

Speaking of wildlife on the Zentralfriedhof: This pheasant was caught in action in the middle of a particularly weedy bit of the Zentralfriedhof - a remote corner of the Jewish section. Pheasants are fairly common in Austria, and apparently they like the tranquility of the Zentralfriedhof. Alas, Vienna's central cemetery is not always tranquil - on All Souls' Day in November, ten thousands of Viennese go the the cemetery to decorate the tombs of their deceased friends and relatives.

Special bus and tram services run on that day and the cemetery feels like on a fair: Market stalls sell snacks, candles, flowers and souvenirs. But even on a normal day, you can catch a busy situation: Many professional musicians or students of music performance in Vienna make some money by the side by performing requiems at funerals - a free concert opportunity for visitors of the Zentralfriedhof.