Ants on Friedhof st. marx cemetery: Vienna Cemeteries

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Ants crawling up and down a late 18th century grave in St. Marx.

Ants crawling around on a tombstone at the cemetery of St. Marx. With little green in the surroundings of St. Marx, the cemetery has become a bit of a nature reserve. The same thing applies to the Zentralfriedhof, only that the south of Simmering is generally almost rural: Foxes, pheasants, deer and old people can be seen roaming the lanes of the Zentralfriedhof.

In St. Marx, even a few ants make a good photo. Funny detail: A few hundred metres from the cemetery of St. Marx, the Vienna Biocampus has developed over the past 20-odd years with some of Austria's most eminent researchers in biology. Lab-based biology, that is.