Ischgl: Tyrol′s Après-Ski Party Capital - Part II

By the time the concert ended, a fair percentage of the people there were drunk and started to flood the village centre. Like every proper Tyrolean mountain village, Ischgl has ancient farms, a church and a pub…no, wait, a Hermes-boutique, a Burger King and a table-dance bar. In fact, not a single house appeared to be any older than maybe 20 years. Surprisingly, all restaurants filled within seconds and we ended up looking for alternative sources of energy.

We found it in vodka, sold in the "Pacha" - by its own claim the "hottest club of the Alps". The premises of Pacha and the attached Hotel are owned by Günther Aloys, entrepreneur, local hero, Ischgl legend and buddy of Paris Hilton. The latter one has celebrated her birthday in - among other places all over the World - the Pacha.

Aloys constantly works on re-inventing Ischgl every year and plans various bizarre projects: The world′s longest staircase that leads from Ischgl′s centre to the top of a mountain; a pool with a standing wave that is 20 metres high and that serves surfers like a mountain would serve snowboarders; or a slope dyed in red, the colour of Tyrol.

New money being burnt: Ischgl as an Apres-Ski Party

Ischgl is proud of its "enfant terrible" image. In the Pacha, the top-less section is segregated from the main club, in which "only" go-go girls work hard towards a better atmosphere. Prices range from 3 Euros for a small bottle of mineral water to 6,400 Euros for the priciest bottle of champaign. The flair of the club is far from being civilized and the night I was there ended after 3 a.m. in happy drunkenness. The whole idea of Ischgl is to burn money in a manner as decadent as possible.

As a result, Ischgl has little to offer in terms of authenticity - yet for those in quest of a skiing vacation accompanied by wild parties, it makes a great destination. Besides, the slopes around Ischgl are supposed to rank among the best in Austria. For a tamer vacation, try the neighbouring villages of the Paznaun valley: See, Kappl and Galtür. Together with Ischgl, they form a region that is branded and advertised together. However, Ischgl is the one with the parties, whereas See, Kappl and Galtür target families and other people with less exhaustive demands.

For sightseeing, the region is clearly not the most appealing one in Tyrol. Nearby attractions include Landeck with its castle. Further down the Inn River Valley, you will get to Imst. For shopping, you can go to the tax-free area of Samnaun in Switzerland, just over the border to Austria.

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