Hooray! TourMyCountry.com turns 1000+!

There is a reason to celebrate - with June 2009, TourMyCountry.com has grown to an impressive 1000+ articles of pure information, crafted into a website that is now the most extensive English site in the whole WWW that deals with Austria as a tourist destination. At least to my knowledge and as long as you ignore Wikipedia ;).

Recent innovations have included the implementation of videos on Austria and changes in the image layout to make the visual aspects more appealing. I will continue to do this, but won′t neglect the "hardcore-information and background" philosophy that made me start this project in the first place.

People that look for a thorough travel guide for Vienna will be happy to find the recent additions on Viennese sightseeing attractions, including a map of Vienna. And finally I managed to expand the long-neglected section on activities in Austria.

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Just as it was from the beginning of TourMyCountry.com, the most important aspects will be honest behind-the-scenes information on sightseeing, personal background information and my - often painful - experience with Austrian food.

If you like the website and would like to support it, please link to TourMyCountry.com and recommend it to your friends! It is still essentially a one-man-project (although helpers have joined in recently for specific articles) and I run it in my spare time.

Future directions: Course on Austria

In the next few months, I would like to tackle some of the biggest white spots on Austria: More sightseeing information for attractions of Vienna, some activities such as winter sports beyond skiing, sailing and hiking, and more in the background section (I keep postponing articles on fine arts in Austria, and more history of Austrian architecture).

If you have suggestions for specific articles, feel free to e-mail me! On contrast to my other web projects, I get fairly little mail and would love to get some feedback. So long, so good - or, to phrase it like a proper Austrian: Passt! I hope creating the next 1000 articles will be as much fun as the first batch.

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