1000+ Visits a day: A Milestone for TMC

A chart showing the increase in traffic on TourMyCountry.com since its foundation in 2006.

Gradual and steady: Traffic increases on TourMyCountry.com

As of May 2009, TourMyCountry.com has gone beyond 1,000 visits a day according to Google Analytics. This is a continuation of a gradual and steady increase in traffic that the website has seen since its foundation in 2006.

I am grateful to the readers of the website and the many encouraging e-mails that I have received in the past three years. If growth in traffic continues, I am optimistic to providing new articles, photographs and other useful information for your holidays in Austria!

More than 1,000 visitors a day on TourMyCountry.com.

Straight from Google Analytics: More than 1,000 visitors a day in Apirl/May 2009.


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