Vienna, Ninth District: Alsergrund, Part II

Another major attraction of the Alsergrund, but not a very interesting one in my opinion, is the Freud Museum: Situated in the former surgery of Sigmund Freud in Berggasse 19, it tries hard to hide that almost nothing that belonged to Freud is left in Austria: He sold his library and packed up all his other property to take it with him to London upon the occasion of his emigration in 1938.

Worked and lived in the ninth district: Sigmund Freud, inventor of sexual intercourseMuch more interesting is the Josephinum, once the Imperial Academy of Surgery - today essentially a museum for the history of medicine. A pretty cool one, though - with old Baroque and neo-Classicist interiors, dating back to the foundation year 1783, wax models of body parts and specimens in glasses. To the opposite of the Josephinum, you will find the neo-Classical Palais Clam-Gallas.

Speaking of historical medical buildings: The "Altes AKH" is the old General Hospital of Vienna - built in a way resembling a monastery, with large, green courtyards and cloister-like corridors. It serves the medical university as both campus and source of income: Several venues within the Altes AKH are rented by bars and shops. Especially on warm summer nights, the Altes AKH is a very lively place and popular with young and studenty crowds. I enjoy it particularly for a Salzburg-stlye beer hall.

Studenty Sights in the Alsergrund

The "new" AKH General Hospital, on contrast, is an absolutely disgusting glass-and-concrete chunk with twin-towers and the most Kafkaesque building I have ever been to - I used to film there quite regularly when I worked as a broadcasting journalist and hope to never end up there as a patient.

In the area of the Gürtel Road, which is less red-lighty here than in other parts, you find the Volksoper. It is one of three opera houses in Vienna and the second-biggest after the Staatsoper. Further up the Gürtel, you get to the "Müllverbrennung Spittelau", a caloric power plant that was designed by hippie-artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

More Things to See in the Ninth District

Around the corner, you find a funny blend of students: It is here that the campuses of the business university (Wirtschaftsuniversität) and faculty of biology meet - trendy wannabe-yuppies in one corner and the biology-nerdy type like myself in the other. In any case, the students cause not only high prices for rental flats, but a large number of nice cafes and bars all over the Alsergrund.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser 'prettinised' the caloric power plant in the Ninth District'But wait, there′s more: The death place of Beethoven and the birth place of Schubert; the district′s museum for local information; churches like the Peregrini Kapelle of the Servitenkirche, the Pfarrkirche Lichtental, the Schwarzspanierkirche, Maria de Mercede of the Spanish Hospital or the Canisiuskirche; the Austrian National Bank - and of course the Strudelhofstiege, the "Dingobjekt" or central object of a important Austrian novel by Heimito von Doderer.

For an excellent view on the Alsergrund, go even further north to Grinzing and the Kahlenberg - from here you can see not only the wooded hills of the Wienerwald, but also the city centre and the Vorstädte districts, especially the ninth district.

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