Pfarrkirche Oberlaa, Vienna:
Church in the 10th district Favoriten

The Pfarrkirche Oberlaa is a parish church in the 10th district of Vienna, Favoriten. It was first mentioned as a "church in Oberlaa" in a written foundation letter from 1267. Like so many churches in the surroundings of Vienna, this church was devastated and demolished twice in the course of the two Turkish sieges of Vienna: For the first time in 1529 and then again at the sequel in 1683. Both times, the Pfarrkirche Oberlaa was destroyed to its foundations. Between 1744 and 1746, the current Baroque gem was built that makes the current church. It was designed by the then well-known architect Matthias Gerl. The official opening mass was held rather belatedly, in 1781.

The church is dedicated to St. Aegydius (just like the Haydn Kirche in Mariahilf and the Aegydiuskirche in Währing). It is a pretty Baroque church with a single, central tower and a central fašade facing south. It depicts statues of the two saints St. Peter and St. Paul. The interiors are rather plain, which is a contrast to the elaborate outside of the Pfarrkriche Oberlaa. The main hall is very light, with a golden pulpit, a large painting in the left side-altar depicts the Madonna of Mariazell. The painting in the right side-altar depicts St. Sebastian.

Interiors & Things to See Nearby

The central altar is particularly interesting. It is made of black marble from Türnitz (no idea where that is) and was built by Sebastian Haupt in 1759. The two central figures are golden and allegories of faith (Glaube) and hope (Hoffnung). The central altar painting depicts the patron saint of the building, St. Aegydius. It was painted by Johann Zimbal. There are four windows in the choir. The organ was built in 1860; the construction was made by Matthäus Mauracher and used pieces from the original, Baroque organ.

Noteworthy attractions nearby are rather sparse. The Pfarrkirche Oberlaa is in the "nice" part of Favoriten; that is a rather small part. Note the Wienerberg City and the water tower Favoriten, as well as the Spinnerin am Kreuz. Otherwise, there is a nice park and the spa of Oberlaa will certainly be re-opened one day. So they (the government of Vienna) say. With this overview, you might realise why the parish church of Oberlaa is particularly special - because almost nothing else is in Favoriten. That being said, this part of the 10th district is at least clean and relatively safe.

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