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This section on provides information on suggested "travel themes" for a tour in Austria, as well as a list with the country′s most popular sightseeing attractions and suggested itineraries.

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Suggested Itineraries: Best of Austria in two weeks
Suggested Itineraries: Austria in one week or a single day
Touring the Vineyards of the East: Division of Regions
3 Tours across Austria′s wine lands
Touring the National Parks of Austria
Touring Austria′s UNESCO World Cultural Heritage
Touring Austria′s Baroque Heritage:
Part I
- Part II - Part III - Part IV
The "Road of Castles" in Styria & the Burgenland
Touring the Historic Monasteries of Austria
Travelling with a Jewish Sightseeing Theme
Touring Historic Small Towns - Part I & Part II
Castles & Palaces of Austria
Zoos of Austria
Wildlife Parks & Game Enclosures in Austria
Where to Go: Austria′s Most-visited Places
Austria for Freaks: Crime Scenes - Part I & Part II

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