Mix of Highlights: Tracht Traditional Clothing

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Traditional clothing, called 'Tracht', is still common in Austria

"Tracht" is what Austrian's call their traditional clothing. It consists most notably of a Dirndl dress for women and Lederhosen and a special kind of jacket for men. Tracht used to be common in rural areas only, and there were differences in the type of clothing one would wear on a weekday and on Sundays or holidays. In the early 20th century, urban aristocracy started to introduce Tracht as a fashion in cities.

Since then, Tracht is considered to be formal wear and if you go to a theatre in Austria, you might well see Austrians in their traditional clothing (less likely in Vienna, more likely in the provinces). Many international visitors underestimate the value of proper Tracht. A good dirndl with all accessories in high quality can easily cost 2,000 Euros.