Mix of Highlights: Town Centre of Salzburg

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A view on Salzburg′s beautiful city centre

A panorama view on the city centre of Salzburg. The old town is famous for its architecture and has been famous a long time before "The Sound of Music". It consists of a Medieval core that was built on the Romano-Celtic ruins of a city called Iuvavum. In the first half of the 17th century, three successive Prince Archbishops called Italian and German craftsman in to re-shape their city as a gem of baroque architecture, culture and lifestyle.

The Prince Archbishops were Wolf Dietrich von Raithenau, Markus Sittikus and Paris Lodron. Like no others, they are responsible for Salzburg′s face, a city that was often called "The German Rome". The Salzburgians are particularly fond of Wolf Dietrich, and his mausoleum on S. Sebastian′s Cemetery is much more elaborate than the Mozart family′s plain grave just 10 metres away. The old town of Salzburg has become a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site.