Gloriette in the Parks of Schönbrunn

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The Gloriette, a super-size folley in the parks of Schönbrunn Palace

The Gloriette is a memorial for a victorious battle the Habsburgs fought against Prussia in 1757; it can be found in the parks of Schloss Schönbrunn, the Imperial Palace in Vienna. The Gloriette is situated on a hill that overlooks the extensive parks of Vienna and is a popular look-out. In a way, the Gloriette is nothing but a very extravagant folly.

At its base, you will find a café that makes a good living on a peculiar audience, a combination of international tourists and geriatric residents of the Hietzing district that take coffee and sugarbomb-cakes at the Gloriette whilst discussing their diabetes. That being said, if you make it to Schönbrunn on your trip to Vienna (and chances are high that you will, as Schönbrunn is the most popular tourist attraction not only of the capital but of all of Austria), don′t miss out on climbing the Gloriette.

The view is worth the investment; ideally get yourself a local that is knowledgeable of Vienna, since you are able to spot many outstanding buildings. Speaking of that: For bird-eye views on Vienna, see also my guide to look-outs in Vienna. Something most international tourists fail to do: Walk towards the Tirolergarten and Maxingpark from the Gloriette instead leaving through the main exit will take you to the cemetery of Hietzing, one of my favourite cemeteries of Vienna.