Freyung Square with Schottenstift Abbey

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View on the Schottenstift Abbey on Freyung Square in Central Vienna

The Freyung is an old market square in the first district of Vienna, the so-called "Innere Stadt". The Freyung as a square is usually not noticed by the average international tourist, but the many attractions nearby or just at the square often are: The Schottenstift Abbey is a Benedictine monastery and runs a well-known school for boys. You can see the tower of the Baroque church that is part of the Schottenstift in the background of the picture above.

The Palais Kinsky is a Barouqe palais designed by the famous architect Lukas von Hildebrandt. It is well-known for its elaborate façade. Nearby Palais Harrach is supposedly Baroque, but most of this palace was re-built in the 1950ies after severe destructions from WWII. Palais Harrach borders to the historicist Palais Ferstl, once headquarter of the Austrian-Hungarian National Bank.

Today, it serves as an exclusive shopping lane full with expensive boutiques - and Café Central in the background, a legendary Vienna-style café known for its literature heritage. Back to the Freyung, you will find temporary exhibitions focussing on modern art in the BA-CA Kunstforum. The Am Hof Square is similarly packed with attractions and things to see - it is literally once around the corner from the Kunstforum.