Vienna Photos: Heuriger (Traditional Inn) in Grinzing

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A Heuriger, a traditional wine inn, in super-touristy Grinzing

The picture above shows a theoretically nice Heuriger Inn in the once-village-now-neighbourhood-of-Vienna called Grinzing. I say theoretically, because in practice, the Heurige in Grinzing are terribly touristy, expensive and especially during the summer packed.

A traditional Heuriger is a different thing: It should be run by a family of wine farmers and opens only on a limited number of days once every few weeks - because the people working there would normally be busy working in the vineyards. There is no food being served, only cold and warm buffets are allowed in a Heuriger of the traditional style. In terms of wine, only the wine that is produced in the family′s business is being sold, most importantly the "Heuriger", the wine of the current year.

Music is not prohibited, but the Schrammel songs and other folk music are not overly common in traditional Heurige; in Grinzing, on contrast, many Heurige managers hire professional singers and musicians to perform for the tourists. They also have a chef and usually serve a large array of a la carte meals, wines and other drinks. Whilst this might sum up to a nice restaurant, it is not what I consider a Heuriger. Traditional Heurige can be found in other suburbs of Vienna: In Nussdorf, in Dornbach or Neustift am Walde, for example. All of these places are fairly easy to reach with public transportation.