Vienna Photos: Houses of Parliament, Ringstraße

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The houses of Parliament by Ringstraße in Vienna

Another one of the Houses of Parliament or the Parlamentsgebäude. This picture shows a view on the front side of the building on a warm summer day in 2008. As I have said before, the Parlamentsgebäude was designed by Theophil von Hansen, it is a typical building in the Ringstraße-style and I can′t stand it.

Since I have already talked a bit about the architecture of the building, let me add a few words on other governmental buildings worth noticing - since there are several in walking distance to the Parlamentsgebäude, and you might want to add them up to a little "governmental tour". Palais Epstein is a 19th-century building right next to the Parlamentsgebäude and used by the parliament. For the Rathaus, the city hall of Vienna, walk into the other direction - it is the Parlamentsgebäude′s next door neighbour.

Cross the Volksgarten park and you will get to the Ballhaus, the chancellery of Austria. Right next to the Ballhaus, you find the Leopolidinertrakt wing of the Hofburg, the office of the Austrian president. On Minoritenplatz, around the corner of the Ballhaus, you find several ministries, including the Ministries of Education, Foreign Affairs and Science. Behind the Parlamentsgebäude, you will see the Justizpalast, headquarter of the Austrian supreme court (among other judicial bodies); behind the Justizpalast, crossing the Zweierlinie, you will see the Baroque Palais Trautson which featured on a previous picture. Palais Trautson is home to the Ministry of Justice.