Impressions from South & East: Wachau Valley

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Growing wine has been a business in the Wachau since Romano-Celtic days

The Wachau area is the region along the Danube in Lower Austria and only about 30 kilometres long. It was the heart of Medieval Austria and today, as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, it attracts millions of visitors every year. They normally come for the sake of the baroque abbeys and castles of the Wachau, the pretty medieval towns and great white wines of the region.

It is also a very good area for a bicycle vacations, as most cycling lanes follow the Danube and therefore, avoid hills (generally speaking, no guarantee, though). Autumn is a good time for doing this, because it is not as hot as in the summer, less crowded and the fruits and grapes that the Wachau is famous for will be ripe.