silent mourner in hietzing: Cemeteries of Vienna

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Lost in silent sorrow: A little mourner made of stone in Hietzing.

A little mourner lost in silent sorrow - my personal favourite of the 2007 cemetery assignment. Taken at the Friedhof Hietzing. The cemetery is not far from where I used to work, the ORF Zentrum in Hietzing, and I had to change busses right in front of the cemetery's entrance; therefore, I went there quite regularly for walks. I often tried to find the graves of celebrities, but found only the one of Franz Grillparzer.

One day, I followed a bunch of Japanese tourists and the hope that they would guide me to another one - and indeed, they did: The unexciting grave of Gustav Klimt. Luckily, there are maps and guides for the Zentralfriedhof, which is probably a hundred times bigger than the Friedhof Hietzing...