handle to a tomb in hietzing: Cemeteries of Vienna

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The handle for a tomb on the cemetery of Hietzing, one of Vienna's most elegant cemeteries.

The handle at a tomb in Hiezting. The cemetery of Hietzing is a peculiar one - packed with dead nobility and aristocracy; it reflects very much what I perceive as Viennese taste: Pompous mausolea, usually in historicist neo-something, arranged with a "the bigger, the better" attitude.

My favourite tomb at the Friedhof Hietzing is a little house in the style of late-Baroque, one could imagine that Lukas von Hildebrandt himself has designed it (only that it was built in the 19th century). It has glass windows and is even furnished with chairs and cupboards, holding photographs of the deceased. Hard to beat, even by the marble tombs of the Zentralfriedhof.