decomposing tomb on zentralfriedhof, Vienna

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The rottening tomb of the industrialist that founded Die Presse, an Austrian daily paper.

The tomb of August Zang, the founder of "Die Presse", at the Zentralfriedhof - Die Presse is a daily paper that I write for occasionally. In my humble opinion, Die Presse is the best daily paper of Austria and one of the very few media worth being read. August Zang was inpired to founding the Presse after a stay in Paris; in 1848 - the year of the Austrian Revolution - he started his own.

When I took this picture in 2007, the tomb was just about to be refurbished. Sadly so - the rotten 19th century arcades had a lot of stlye. This was before I started working for the Presse, by the way. You find the tomb on your right hand side just off the main avenue towards the Tombs of Honour.