Vienna, 19th District: Döbling - Part II

The concrete platform next to it looks less appealing, but this doesn′t matter: Visitors normally stare at the vineyards underneath them, Vienna and the surrounding scenery of the Vienna woods. On a reasonably clear day with less smog than usual, you can even see to Bratislava and beyond. The view gives you an idea that Vienna really is an Eastern European city - at least for me as a Salzburgian. The road up to the Kahlenberg, by the way, is cobbled; this is the result of an attempt to fight unemployment in Vienna between the World Wars. Forther down the hill you ultimately get to the Leopoldsberg with a small Baroque church that belongs to Klosterneuburg Abbey - it is considered the "cradle of Austria" in the modern sense.

Otherwise, I recommend to hike back "to the city" from the Kobenzl to get a nice idea of the area - I like it for being just on the edge of Vienna. Living in the central parts of Vienna always made me feel a bit locked in and the area of the Kahlenberg was a welcome change into the illusion of wilderness. And be it with the aid of a Weißer Spritzer or two.

Other sights of Döbling: Learn more about the history of the district and the ten constituting villages in the district′s museum - it is situated in the Villa Wertheimstein, which comes with a neat park. The so-called "Zacherlfabrik" is a former factory of insecticides and was built in the 19th century on the peak of historicist madness - in the style of a mosque. The Strauß-Lanner-Park has a special attraction: The original tombstones of the two rivals and waltz composers. The tombstones currently in use are fancier ones at the central cemetery. An even bigger park is the Heiligenstädter Park.

Finishing the Döbling: Return to Heiligenstadt

The "Hohe Warte" is a meteorological observatory and probably not terribly interesting for international visitors, but well-known within Austria. The oldest church of Döbling is the St. Jakobskirche, built on Roman foundations. Around this church, you will also find authentic Heurigen with a less touristy crowd in them. The villa of the Schikaneder-Lehar Schlössl hosts a small museum and is one example for the many historic villas that Döbling has to supplement its modern ones.

If you have a special interest in tabloids, it might interest you that the "Kronenzeitung", Austria′s number one tabloid, is produced and printed in Heiligenstadt. Beyond that, the public broadcast′s online branch and radio program Ö3 originate from Heiligenstadt.

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