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This section of is dedicated to cultural matters, history, literature and art of Austria. Furthermore, you find practical advice on planning a trip to Austria.

General Division

Articles on the History of Austria
Articles on Politics, Society & Culture
Articles on Art, Music & Literature
Practical Advice for Travelling in Austria

A Detailed History of Austria

Prehistoric days; Neolithic, Copper, Bronze & Iron Age
Hallstatt & Latene Culture; Noricum; Roman Rule
Migration of Bavarian & Slavonic tribes, early Middle Ages
County & Duchy Austria, Babenberger rule (967-1245)
Interregnum, Habsburg rise, Middle Ages and German Emperor
Territorial gains through marriage, Habsburgs rule the World
Reformation and 30 Years′ War; Turkish sieges and wars
Baroque; French Revolution, Napoleon & Vienna Congress
Revolution 1848; Austria-Hungary; culture & science 1900
World War I, split of an Empire, Austria become republic
Political struggles & crisis, Austro-Fascism & Anschluss 1938
World War II, Holocaust, a decade of occupation until 1955
Neutrality, social politics & governments since 1970

More on Austria′s History

A short History of Austria in less than 1000 words
A Jewish History of Austria: Part I & Part II
A Complete List of all Austrian Monarchs
A Complete List of Austrian Presidents & Chancellors
A Complete List of the Prince Archbishops of Salzburg
A Complete List of the Mayors of Vienna

Habsburg Galicia, Unis & the Rise of Nationalism: 1772 to 1914
Introduction: Habsburg Heritage in Galicia
Galicia in the 18th century - Part 2
Galicia and the Division of Poland - Part 3
Austrian Colonisation of 18th century Galicia - Part 4
Austrian Galicia 1848 to 1914: Franz Joseph I - Part 5
Nationalism in Habsburg Austrian Galicia 1846 to 1914 - Part 6
University of Lviv (Lemberg) - Part 7
Technical University Lviv (Lemberg) - Part 8
University of Krakow - Part 9
Nationalism in Polish Austria - Part 10
Polish-Ruthenian Rivalry in Austrian Galicia - Part 11
Polish Ruthenian Conflicts in Austrian Galicia - Part 12
Conclusions: Austrian Galicia & Nationalism 1772 to 1914 - Part 13
Conclusions, Part II: Austrian Galicia until 1914 - Part 14
Studentenverbindung, Burschenschaft & Fraternities: Lviv & Krakow - Part 15

Useful & Interesting Bits

Climate, Weather, When to Go
Money, Currency & Saving Travel Cash
Getting VAT (value added tax) reimbursed
A Guide to the German Language
Crappiest Places of Austria
Webcams in Austria: Live Images
Practical Hints on How to Save Money
Quick Facts about Austria
Visa & Legal Regulations
Tourist Traps: Things NOT to do in Austria
Transportation to, from & in Austria
Public Holidays in Austria
Codes of Austrian Car-Plates
Travel Guide Books to Austria
Currency Exchange Tool
The Danube in Austria
Politics & Administration of Austria
Division of Austria: Provinces & Districts
Finding a Hotel in Austria
Avoiding Fake Hotel Reviews: Part I & Part II
List of Embassies in Vienna
Physical Geography of Austria
Flora & Fauna of Austria
Book Hotels, Trips, Tours & Concert Tickets
Nature & Environmental Issues in Austria

On Austrian Culture & Society

Media, Communication & Internet in Austria
Bad Habits of Austrians
Prostitution, Nudity & SEX
Unique about Austria: What foreigners notice
Etiquette in Austria
Richest People of Austria
Real Estate Owners in Austria
Biggest Companies of Austria
Anti-Semitism in Austria Spa Towns - Part I & Part II
Gambling in Austria: Casinos, Slot Machines, Roulette
"Little Gambling": Legal Private Casinos in Austria
What I Like & Dislike about Austria
Austria, how are you? Culture & Lifestyle
Traditional Clothing: Austrian Tracht - Part I & Part II
Traditional Clothing: Dirndl Dress
Traditional Clothing: Lederhosen
15 Reasons to Hate "The Sound of Music"
Vienna versus Irony: Viennese Sense of Humour
A Ranking of Austria′s Highest Mountains
Traditions & Customs: January to April
Traditions & Customs: May to October
Traditions & Customs: November to December
Freedom Party Success: Are Austrians eternal Nazis?
German Nationalism since 1848 & Freedom Party 1949 to 1986
1986 to 1999: Freedom Party's Rise under Jörg Haider
2006 to 2008: Freedom Party vs. BZÖ
Success Analysis, Levels 1 & 2:
Individuals (Jörg Haider) & Society (End of Ideologies)
Success Analysis, Level 3: Systemic Causes
Success Analysis, Level 4: Domestic (Austrian Post-War Politics & Society)
Austrian Post-War Politics & Society - Part II
Austrian Post-War Politics & Society - Part III

1.) Studentenverbindungen: What they are & why
2.) History of Fraternities at European Universities
3.) Napoleonic Wars, Verbindungen & Nationalism
4.) Late 19th c: Golden Age of Verbindungen

On Fine Arts & Intellectual Traditions of Austria

Wiener Sezession School of Painting
Gustav Klimt & The Wiener Sezession
Egon Schiele & Oskar Kokoschka
Adolf Loos & Modern Architecture
Wiener Aktionismus / Vienna Actionism
Wiener Moderne / Vienna Modernism
The Austrian School of Economics
The "Wiener Kreis" or Vienna Circle
Introduction to Austrian Baroque
Lukas von Hildebrandt & Baroque Architecture
Fischer von Erlach & Baroque Architecture
Vienna School of Phantastic Realism

On Austria′s Musical Legacy

The Viennese Classic: Wiener Klassik
Classical Composers: Joseph Haydn
Classical Composers: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Classical Composers: Ludwig van Beethoven
Viennese Classic, Romanticism & Austria
Arnold Schoenberg & "Second Vienna School": Part I & Part II
Music Universities of Austria

Experience Austria through Literature

Introduction & Background: Middle Ages to 18th century
Proper Austrian Literature begins: 19th century mainstream
Symbolism, Impressionism, Expressionism: Anti-naturalism
Written Words between WWI & WWII
Literature under Nazi Rule & Post-War writing
Beyond the Nazi-trauma: Recent & contemporary writers

Reading Austria: Which Books to Choose for Travelling

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