Austrian Main Courses: Beuschl

Ingredients (2 people)

1 small beuschl of pork or calf (WTF is that, you ask? Lung and trachea as well as heart large blood vessels of a calf)
2 carrots
1 parsley root
1 piece of celery root
1 onion
2 leaves of bayleaf
125 g butter
100 g flour
250 mL water
1 tablespoon of sour cream

What Vienna Beuschl is

Beuschl is pretty much the most ambivalent dish of Austrian cuisine: It is disgusting to think of the ingredients, but most delicious to eat. Don't worry about the lung and vessel things in it - they get cut into tiny pieces and look all innocent and nice. Beuschl, by the way, is also an Austrian slang term for a person's lung and low-quality cigarettes are sometimes referred to as "Beschlreißer" - beuschl strippers. Since it is a lot of work to make beuschl, most Austrians are more likely to eat it in restaurants or buy it in some stage of preparation from a butcher than making it themselves from scratch.

How to make Beuschl

Wash the beuschl and boil it in about 2 L of water with salt, pepper, bayleaf and the roots and onion for about 1.5 hours. Take the beuschl from the soup and cut it into tiny stripes. Put these into some water with vinegar. Remove the bayleaf from the soup and mash the vegetables using a blender. Chill the soup whilst the beuschl sits in the vinegar water.

Roast the flour in butter until lightly brown and add the soup bit by bit like making begamel (with soup instead of milk or water). Boil the now thickened soup and add the beuschl strips . Ad a tablespoon of sour cream or two and maybe a shot of vinegar, a bit of salt or pepper. Serve the beuschl with a Semmelknödel bread dumpling.

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