Austrian Starters: Wiener Suppentopf Soup


For the bouillon:
600 g beef
500 g beef bones
2 carrots
2 parsley roots
1 piece of celery root
a bouquet of parsley
1 onion peel (or a small onion
) 8 black pepper seeds
2 to 3 L of water

For the Suppentopf:
Wiener sausages (1 pair per two people)
1 small bag of peas
soup pasta (or spaghetti, about 80 g per person)
1 bouquet of chives

What Wiener Suppentopf is

The Wiener Suppentopf is the emperor among the Austrian soups. It is one hell lot of work to prepare for a rather simple-looking dish, but quite legendary and often used as an indicator for one's cooking skills. The bouillon itself serves as a base of an entire "class" of soups, the "Klare Suppen" or "clear soups" that come in dozens of variations depending on what you put in the bouillon.

How to prepare Wiener Suppentopf

Bouillon: Roast the onion peel over an open flame or on a hot plate (use some aluminium foil to safe you of the mess) until it is slightly brown. This helps both flavour and colour of the soup. Wash the bones and boil them for about two minutes in water. Pour the water away. Add the meat and the 2 or 3 litres of water and heat it until it boils. Add the roots (in Austria supermarkets sell them freshly in sets ideal for soup) and all other ingredients. Boil at lowest possible heat gently for about 1.5 or two hours. You might have to add some water. Once the meat is properly boiled, pour the soup into a separate pot. Take the boiled carrots and meat and chill them. For a special dash, you can add a tablespoon of cognac to the soup.

Wiener Suppentopf: Boil the peas (if fresh, they are probably boiled already if frozen) and pasta. Cut the beef from the soup into small pieces and the sausages into slices. Cut the carrots into pieces. Some people prefer to boil the carrots freshly, since those from the soup might be a bit mushy. Add all these ingredients into the hot bouillon and serve with chopped chives on top. With all that effort involved, it is probably needless to say that most Austrians use bouillon stock for daily occasions and make proper soup only for special occasions such as dinner parties or holidays. In a restaurant, however, you should expect proper soup, freshly prepared. The excess meat, by the way, is normally marinated and prepared in other ways (for example as beef salads). You can freeze the bouillon for efficient preparation.

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