Austrian Starters: Tomato Soup

Ingredients (4 plates)

1 onion
1 carrot
1 small bouquet of parsley
50 grams of bacon
1 teaspoon of butter
approximately 400 g of tomatoes
Salt, pepper
1 clove of garlic
half a teaspoon of sugar
125 mL of cream
chopped chives

What it Austrian Tomato Soup is

Since tomatoes require a somewhat warmer climate, this soup lives traditionally in the South-East and East of Austria. These days, however, high-quality tomatoes are available all year round and anywhere - in cans. In fact, these go into the cans in warm countries when they are ideally ripened on the plants and so might be a better choice in any case. My grandmother uses a recipe similar to the one above, but variations including red peppers and sweet paprika powder are common, too. If you want to thicken your soup, you can also include slightly brown begamel base from butter and flour.

How to prepare Austrian Tomato Soup

Cut the onion, carrot, parsley and fry all in butter until slightly brown. Add the chopped or canned tomatoes and about 1 L of water with salt, pepper and the chopped garlic. Boil for half an hour (less with canned tomatoes) and mash the vegetables using a blender if necessary. Add a bit of sugar and some of the cream. Cut and roast the bacon until brown (add some crushed chillies for a spicy extra). Pour the soup on the plates and use the remaining cream to add a nice white "splash" in the centre of the red soup. Add the bacon like croutons and some cut chives.

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