Austrian Main Courses: Kaspressknödel

Ingredients (4 people)

500 grams of lightly dried, white bread
1 onion
salt, pepper
some milk
2 eggs
300 g mature cheese

What Kaspressknödel is

Kaspressknödel are a speciality that is typical for the Alpine region in Western Austria. Like most meals from this area, they are vegetarian, heavy, starch-based and rather simple. The cheese you want to use is ideally Graukäse from Tyrol or other strong, hard cheeses - the smellier, the better. If you don't feel like experimenting with foreign cheeses, try mature cheddar. Not ideal, but at least predictable.

How to prepare Kaspressknödel

Rather straight-forward: Chop the onions, heat the milk, cut the bread into small pieces (in Austria you can buy dried bread in suitable pieces quite cheaply, it's called "Knödelbrot") and moisten them with the milk. Chop the parsley and the cheese and mix all ingredients to a coarse dough. Form small loaves from it (a bit like hamburgers) and fry them in hot butter until golden. Serve the Kaspressknödel either as a starter soup in bouillon or as a main course with sour kraut.

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